Hey, I


My BIG ahah moment?

I fell head over heels in love with Dutch flower shops.

They weren't like anything I'd ever seen; they gave me the courage to be different, quirky, not afraid to think outside the 'Trend' box and really home in on what clients are actually needing.

The belief that anything is possible (installed in me by my amazing Mum and Dad), a pair of great scissors and a college floristry education later I set about carving out my own 'Simply Flowers' corner of Devon paradise.

I find that I'm constantly inspired by smaller ever-changing moments in the raw, rambling beauty of nature in my surrounding Devonshire countryside. I love nothing more (other than creating wedding flowers!) than being out in the woods with my mischievous water loving four-legged companion and being surrounded by natures joys.

It's such a pleasure to team up with incredible customers who come in feeling overwhelmed and time poor and leave knowing they're heard, supported and in safe trustworthy hands.

Quite simply; we are a small independent business that values quality, deep meaningful relationships and unexpected moments of joy.


Important Credentials

Master's Diploma in Professional Floristry.

Always honest, thoughtful and organised.

4 times Chelsea Flower Show medallist.

Inclusive and welcoming to all diversities.

Floristry Lecturer.

Never without my on-site Mary Poppins bag.

British Florist Association and Good Florist Guide member.

Here for you.


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4 Things you don't know about me


I live on Tea; some say too many cups, but they don't all count as most go cold!

I love baking and eating cake and if there’s no cake a Bourbon biscuit is the food key to my floral heart!

I was once in Just Seventeen (you have to be of a certain age for that one!)

Cookery books and stationery....it may be an addiction ?



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